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Glen O Jones Lake
Located in the Saline County State Fish & Wildlife Area, five miles southeast of Equality in Southeastern Illinois. This beautiful 105 acre lake has a maximum depth of 35 feet and a shoreline of 2.7 miles. Facilities include picnicking with tables, play area for children, drinking water and fireplaces scattered around the lake. A concession stand provides a variety of sundries, boat rentals and fishing bait. There’s a large camping area for tents and campers and a dump station located onsite. The lake contains a variety of fish, two launching ramps and two docks. The are four designated hiking trails and several miles of horse trails.

One of the other interesting features of the area is a life size bronze statue of the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh is located at the lake. The Tecumseh statue is the only bronze statue of Tecumseh ever made. Tecumseh envisioned the true nature of treaties benefiting land speculators and white culture being more violent and no benefit to native Americans. He traveled throat the Midwest urging tribes to unite in the common cause of resistance to the encroachment of settlers using a bundle of green sticks. The metaphor being you can break one, but you cannot break the bundle.

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Glen O Jones Lake Glen O Jones Lake